Selush was a dresser of the dead in Letheras. Tehol Beddict paid for her services to "enhance" Shurq Elalle's appearance in exchange for Shurq's cooperation in his plans. Her assistant was Padderunt. It was Selush who "installed" the ootooloo.[1]

"Selush of the Stinking House was tall and amply proportioned, yet her most notable feature was her hair. Twenty-seven short braids of the thick black hair, projecting in all directions, each wrapped round an antler tine, which meant that the braids curved and twisted in peculiar fashion. She was somewhere between thirty-five and fifty years of age, the obscurity the product of her formidable talent as a disguiser of flaws. Violet eyes, produced by an unusual ink collected from segmented worms that lived deep in the sand of the south island beaches, and lips kept full and red by a mildly toxic snake venom that she painted on every morning."
―description of Selush[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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