Seguleh Second was the name used to refer to the Seguleh who was initially the Soldier of High House Death,[1] but much later, became the Knight of High House Death.[2] Presumably, he had held the rank of Seguleh Second amongst the Seguleh before entering into Hood's service.

The Seguleh Second was undead, tall, mostly made of raw bones with a few strips of flesh hanging from the cheek ridges with the connecting tendons visible, and black filed teeth. There were far too many weapons on him to be counted, swords, throwing axes, boar spitter, bows long and short and many others. He carried an enamel mask with a single streak of red paint on one cheek.[1]

The Second's horseEdit

The dark grey undead horse was described as a monstrous apparition whose hide was worn away in places, showing tendons, ligaments and muscles. It had a long, greasy mane and the eyes were empty pits. The Second used a high-backed saddle to ride it.[3]

In Memories of Ice Edit

K'rul referred to the Seguleh Second as missing at the time of the Siege of Capustan.[4] It was unclear if this referred to the Seguleh who served Hood.

In The Bonehunters Edit

The Soldier of High House Death appeared from a Warren at the Temple of D'rek where Heboric and Cutter were re-stocking their supplies, having found the priests and acolytes of D'rek burned away. He saluted Heboric, nevertheless saying that Treach had made a mistake in choosing him. He then proceeded to disabuse Cutter of the notion that Mammot was his actual uncle, asking whether the Tyrant still ruled Darujhistan. He also intimated that the Seguleh, now in Morn, were being held in readiness for the return of the Tyrant.[1]

The Second had a particular dislike of Skinner, which appeared to go beyond his charge of killing him for "cheating death", as he still intended to find him after his service to Hood had ended.[1][5]

He left in something of a huff forgetting his spear behind.[1] He was unusually loquacious and irreverent for a Seguleh.

In Toll the Hounds Edit

In Darujhistan, Crokus returned the spear, which he had kept with him in his journeys, when the former Seguleh came out of a Warren. While the fight within Dragnipur continued, the Second was sent to defend the sword itself by Hood. He fought the Hounds of Light after retrieving his lance from Crokus, killing two of them and injuring another, fighting alongside Karsa Orlong.[5]

Quotes Edit

"Hunt? Oh yes, we all hunt, but I was closest! Piss on Hood's bony feet! Pluck out the hairs of his nose and kick his teeth in! Drive a spear up his puckered behind and set him on a windy mountain top! Oh, I'll find him a wife some day, lay coin on it! But first, I hunt!"
―Soldier of High House Death, rather perturbed at being unable to find Skinner, and blaming Hood for it.[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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