Segda Travos[1] was a former Seerdomin in the Pannion Seer's army who remained in Black Coral after the Seer's defeat.

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Haunted by the memories of his deeds under the Pannion Seer, Segda Travos lived a lonely life in Black Coral. He disclosed his real name to nobody, and was known simply as "Seerdomin".

His only friend was Spinnock Durav, whom he regularly played the game of "Kef Tanar" with at the Scour Tavern. Travos appeared to have a knack for the game which was, in Durav's words, impressive. Whilst the seerdomin didn't give much significance to the games he usually narrowly lost, the games were linked to the fate of Anomander Rake: Spinnock Durav was under direct orders to "make sure the King continues to win". The figure of the King in question had a "white mane", symbolising Rake.[2]

He was known for keeping a daily vigil at the Great Barrow of the Redeemer, where he offered nothing except his friendship, but demanded nothing as well. Unknowingly, he'd become the sole reason why the Barrow was safe for the pilgrims; the worshippers of the Redeemer gave him the title of "Benighted"[3], a title with many meanings.[4] After Salind, the reluctant High Priestess of the Redeemer, revealed this to him, he quit his daily pilgrimage, claiming that the burden wasn't his to bear. Salind tried to convince him to return, but failed.[5]

Segda Travos was single-handedly responsible for destroying the plot against the Andii rule of Black Coral. It was revealed that he was the seerdomin that showed mercy to Toc the Younger during his captivity by the Pannion Seer.[6]

After learning that Salind had been captured by Gradithan, Segda Travos ventured to the Barrow to rescue her, but was ambushed and killed by Gradithan.[7] The Redeemer retrieved his soul into the Barrow, where the seerdomin did battle with the corrupted Salind, who, under the influence of saemenkelyk, sought to kill the Redeemer.[8]


There is circumstantial evidence that Segda Travos was the nameless Seerdomin who was kind to Toc the Younger during his captivity in Coral. See Talk:Segda Travos.


"When undeniable crimes had been committed, justification was the act of a coward. And it was our cowardice that permitted such crimes in the first place . No tyrant could thrive where every subject said no."
―Thoughts of Seerdomin[src]

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