Scurve was a barman at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan.[1]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Scurve served Sorry a Gredfalan Ale in a pewter mug which she had ordered. At Meese's request he then served Gredfalan Ale to her and Crokus Younghand and told Crokus to pay before drinking. He accused the youth of getting as bad as Kruppe. When Crokus pulled out some coins, some of them fell on the bar and one kept on spinning and spinning catching the attention of those close, including Scurve. He shouted as the coin skidded across the bar, bounced and then came to a stop in front of Crokus. Scurve's voice was hoarse when he agreed with Crokus not to take that coin and his hands were shaking when he picked up the others. Meese then ordered Daru beer in earthenware.[2]

Scurve served Rallick Nom another pitcher of ale which the latter shared with his friend Murillio.[3]

Murillio spoke with Scurve who told him that he had seen Rallick in the bar earlier talking to a stranger.[4]

After Meese had tossed a wood sliver on to the oily floor of the attic of the Phoenix Inn she told Irilta to say to Scurve that the place was a fire waiting to happen.[5]

Paran drew his sword whilst in the bar area of the Inn and Scurve reached for his club behind the bar but did not need to use it as the Captain just pushed the sword into the wood of his table. Paran found out from Kalam Mekhar who had startled Scurve by saying something out loud, that Mallet was nearby and ordered him to bring the healer to the Inn at once, then ordered Scurve to show them up to Coll's room the moment they arrived to which Scurve nodded.[6]

Scurve looked warily at Paran and Kalam as they were about to leave the Inn. Kalam suddenly reached out, grabbed Scurve by the shirt, pulling the squealing man halfway across the bar and told him that he was sick of waiting and to get a message to the Assassins' Guild for him any which way or he would come back with killing in mind.[7]

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