Sarat Wept was one of the two swords given to Silchas Ruin by Brys Beddict. It had once belonged to Urudat, a King's Champion four generations before Brys Beddict. Kuru Qan kept it in his private hoard, along with other curios.

It was a left-handed, almost oversized sword forged in the Blue Style, the very earliest Letherii technique for forging steel.

According to Kuru Qan, the blade was invested to make it shatter upon the wielder's death. It was one of the last swords to be forged in the Blue Style. The blade pulled and its line was a hair's breadth outward.

The sword was later given to Rud Elalle, when Ruin acquired a Hust sword.

Known WieldersEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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