Samar Dev was a scholar, inventor, and witch from Seven Cities.[1][2] Although primarily an inventor, she would not release an invention, however valuable, unless she determined that it could not be used abusively. Consequently, she shelved most of her inventions.[3] She bound spirits to her knife. Samar Dev was described as "a woman with ample womanly charms" and older by a decade, maybe more, than Cutter (as observed by him).

In The Bonehunters Edit

Samar dev by meonika

Samar Dev by Meonika

Samar Dev met Karsa Orlong when she was left stranded with a broken foot in the Ugarat Odhan after the self-powered carriage she built broke down. In exchange for her help in entering the city of Ugarat, Karsa in turn helped her return to the city. She accompanied him to Moraval Keep where he defeated a K'Chain Nah'ruk.

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In Reaper's Gale Edit

Samar Dev travelled to Letheras with Karsa Orlong. She trapped the spirit of Kuru Qan in her knife. When Karsa disarmed Rhulad Sengar, Samar Dev released all the spirits trapped within her knife.

In Toll the Hounds Edit

Samar Dev travelled with Karsa Orlong and Traveller to Darujhistan where they witnessed the death of Anomander Rake.

In The Crippled God Edit

Samar Dev finally invited Karsa Orlong to share her bed.

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