Fist Rythe Bude was an officer in Onearm's Host which later became Paran's Host. She had a bit of a soft spot for Paran.

She was described as dark-skinned, with a round face, large, very dark, remarkable, luminous eyes and black, naturally wavy, hair, which she wore cut short. She was originally from Shal-Morzinn.[1]

When Ganoes Paran asked her how she came to be in the Malazan military, she told him that she had left Shal-Morzinn... "in haste. On a Blue Moranth trader. Money for passage ran out in a town called Pitch, on the Genabarii coast. From there [she] made it to Nathilog, and with a belly too empty to let [her] think straight, [she] signed up."[2]

Rythe Bude served under Captain Kindly in the Nathilog campaigns.[3]

In The Bonehunters Edit

When Ganoes Paran visited the infirmary tent to have a look at a diseased, ailing and nearly dead High Fist Dujek Onearm, commander of the Malaz 5th Army, on his way out he met Fist Rythe Bude. She had been one of Dujek's recent promotions and had been struck by the plague as well.[4]

After a short conversation during which she requested water and gave the details of her native lands and her escape, she asked to be burnt upon her death.[5]

After Ganoes Paran killed Poliel and Soliel's healing took effect, Rythe Bude recovered and resumed her duties as a Fist under the new High Fist Ganoes Paran.[6]

In The Crippled God Edit

Fist Bude was part of Paran's Host that captured the North Citadel in Kolanse. She was instructed to organise a clean-up crew for the caves.

Notes and referencesEdit

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