Roach was the name of a rare Hengese lapdog[1] owned by Lenestro, a Malazan noble living in Sialk on Seven Cities.[2] It had long hair, a ratty tail, and mangy ears, and was walked with a jewel-studded leash.[3][4]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

During the Whirlwind uprising, Roach accompanied its master on the flight of Malazan citizens from Hissar to Aren known as the Chain of Dogs. Some time after the Battle of Sekala Crossing, Roach was snatched from one of Lenestro's servants by Bent, a Wickan cattle-dog. Duiker saw the larger dog run off with Roach in its mouth and assumed it was destined to become a meal.[5]

But Roach survived and was frequently found in the company of Bent and the other cattle-dogs. Roach had a confrontational attitude and tended to command the pack which had adopted it. Several members of the 7th Army were so irritated by its loud yapping that they attempted to murder it whenever possible. Bult tried several times to spear it with his lance while Mincer was equally unlucky tossing rocks.[6][7]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Roach.

Roach and Bent were with what was left of Coltaine's army when the soldiers were viciously massacred by Korbolo Dom's soldiers on Aren Way outside the city's gates. Roach's legs were all purposely broken and it was left to die atop Bent. Both dogs were recovered by Truth who begged Mappo Runt to save them. Using his last few healing elixirs, the Trell obliged.[8]

Significant plot details end here.

In House of Chains Edit

Roach, along with Bent, accompanied the Bonehunters to Raraku. After the destruction of Sha'ik's army by the avenging spirits of the Chain of Dogs, Nil and Nether told Adjunct Tavore that since Bent and Roach were, along with Duiker's mare, the only living creatures to survive the Chain of Dogs, their return march had brought the vengeful ghostly army.[9]

In The Bonehunters Edit

Roach and Bent continued to accompany the Bonehunters. They seemed to have adopted Grub, Keneb's mysterious adopted son. They were with him during the siege of Y'Ghatan[10] as well as later stages of the march.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Captain Kindly tried to use Roach and Bent to find Grub and Sinn for the reading of the Deck of Dragons ordered by Adjunct Tavore. When they refused to comply, he threatened to kill them, at which point Grub and Sinn turned up.[11]

In The Crippled God Edit

Roach attempted to accompany Bent in his dash up the Spire after Gesler. Trying to clear a crevasse, Roach used Hood, who was also ascending the Spire, as a landing point, clamping onto his leg. Hood shook it off, at which point the dog hurried on after its friend. Hood carried on with a limp.[12] After the battle was over and the Jaghut were paying their respect to the fallen Imass, Roach lay down at Hood's feet. While Hood was trying to restore order among his mocking comrades it urinated on his leg.[13]


"I'd supposed that rat had long since gone through one of the dogs."
―Duiker, surprised to Roach still alive.[src]

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