The Ripath was Malazan Coastal Guard ship based in a village just north of Hissar in Seven Cities. She was described as a low, sleek patrol craft with a single mast crewed by the marines Gesler and Stormy, and several sailors including Truth and Vered.[1]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The Ripath's crew, along with Duiker and Kulp, were caught up in the "cleansing" of Hissar by the Army of the Whirlwind. Attacked in a bar by an army of locals led by a High Mage, the marines and sailors fought their way back to their ship. While Duiker set out to try to rejoin the 7th Army by land, Kulp joined the crew of the Ripath, obscuring their escape with magic, and setting out for Otataral Island.[2]

The ship was ultimately destroyed in a battle with a mad mage and the crew was forced to abandon it in the Nascent for the Silanda.

Notes and referencesEdit

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