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Return of the Crimson Guard
Publication information
Publisher Bantam
Released 22 June 2009
Pages 816 pp
ISBN 978-0553818529
Preceded by Night of Knives
Followed by Stonewielder

Return of the Crimson Guard is the second high fantasy novel by Canadian author Ian C. Esslemont set in the world of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, co-created with Esselmont's friend and colleague Steven Erikson. Chronologically, Return of the Crimson Guard takes place after the events in Erikson's sixth Malazan novel, The Bonehunters. Return of the Crimson Guard is the second of six planned novels by Esslemont to take place in the Malazan world, starting with Night of Knives and followed by Stonewielder.

Dramatis Personae Edit

In Unta Edit

Imperial High Command Edit

  • Laseen, Empress
  • High Fist Anand, Commander 4th Malazan Army (Quon Tali)
  • Havva Gulen, New Imperial High Mage
  • Korbolo Dom, High Fist and Sword of the Empire
  • Possum, Master of the Claw (the Imperial assassins)
  • Mallick Rel, Councillor and Assembly Representative

Unta Harbour Guard Edit

Others in Unta Edit

  • Coil, a Clawleader
  • Lady Batevari, a Seeress / Fortuneteller from Darujhistan
  • Oryan, a Seven Cities mage, bodyguard to Mallick Rel
  • Taya Radok, a dancing girl / assassin from Darujhistan

In Li Heng Edit

Malazan Army Edit

Storo Matash's Squad Edit

  • Storo Matash, Captain of a saboteur company, 3rd veteran
  • Shaky, Ranking saboteur
  • Hurl, Saboteur
  • Sunny, Saboteur
  • Silk, Squad corporal and cadre mage
  • Jalor, a Seven Cities recruit
  • Rell, a Genabackan recruit

Civilians in Li Heng Edit

  • Magistrate Ehrlann, Member of the Ruling Council of Magistrates
  • Jamaer, Ehrlann's servant
  • Magistrate Plengyllen, Member of the Ruling Council of Magistrates
  • Liss, a city mage
  • Ahl, a city mage (with brothers Thai and Lar)

In Cawn Edit

On the Seti Plains Edit

  • Toc the Elder, Seti Warlord and Malazan ‘Old Guard’
  • Wildman, Seti champion, also known as ‘the Boar’, Sweetgrass
  • Imotan, Shaman of the Jackal warrior society
  • Hipal, Shaman of the Ferret warrior society
  • Captain Moss, Malazan cavalry captain
  • Redden Brokeleg, Ataman (chieftain) of the Plains Lion Assembly
  • Ortal, Ataman (chieftain) of the Black Ferret Assembly

On the Wickan Frontier Edit

Malazan Army Edit

Wickans Edit

  • Clearwater, a Wickan shaman
  • Nil, a Wickan warlock and veteran of the Seven Cities campaigns
  • Nether, a Wickan witch and veteran of the Seven Cities campaigns
  • Mane, a young Wickan warrior
  • Udep, a Wickan hetman (chieftain)

In the Pit Edit

In Quon Tali Province Edit

  • Ghelel Rhik Tayliin, Duchess, and last surviving member of the Tayliin family line
  • Amaron, Malazan ‘Old Guard’, once commander of the Talons
  • Choss, Malazan ‘Old Guard’, once High Fist
  • Marquis Jhardin, Commander of the Marchland Sentries
  • Prevost Razala, a cavalry captain
  • Molk, an agent of Amaron's

The Crimson Guard Edit

Surviving Named Avowed Edit

First Company Edit

Second Company Edit

Third Company Edit

Fourth Company Edit

Among the First Induction (recruitment) Edit

Among the Second Induction Edit

Among the Third Induction Edit

Of the Talian League Edit

  • Urko Crust, Commander of Falaran forces, ‘Old Guard’, also known as ‘Shatterer’
  • V'thell, Commander of Gold Moranth forces
  • Choss, Commander of Talian forces, ‘Old Guard’
  • Toc the Elder, Seti Warlord, ‘Old Guard’
  • Amaron, Chief of intelligence, ‘Old Guard’
  • Ullen Khadeve, Urko's lieutenant-commander and chief of staff, ‘Old Guard’
  • Bala Jesselt, Cadre mage, ‘Old Guard’
  • Eselen Tonley, a captain of Falaran cavalry
  • Orlat Kepten, a captain of Talian forces, ‘Old Guard’

Others Edit

  • Liossercal, Ascendant, titled ‘Son of Light,’ also known as Osserc, Osric
  • Anomandaris, Ascendant, titled ‘Son of Darkness’
  • Jhest Golanjar, Jacuruku mage
  • Shen, a warlock
  • Tayschrenn, Imperial High Mage
  • D'Ebbin, Malazan commander 4th Army, ‘Fist’
  • Braven Tooth, Malazan Command Master Sergeant
  • Temp, Malazan Master Sergeant
  • Blossom, Moranth Gold officer
  • Tourmaline, Moranth Gold infantry sergeant
  • Cartharon Crust, Captain of the Ragstopper, rumoured ‘Old Guard’
  • Denuth, an Elder, among the Firstborn to Mother Earth
  • Draconus, an Elder God
  • Ereko, an ancient wanderer
  • Greymane, Once a Malazan Fist, now outlawed
  • Lim Tal, Ex-private guard of Untan noble
  • Traveller, a wanderer of mixed Dal Hon and Quon descent
  • Ragman / Tatterdemalion, a wanderer of the Imperial Warren

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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