Chancellor Rava reported to the King and Queen of the Bolkando Kingdom,[1] though he held the king in contempt and was suspicious of the queen.[2]

Rava was described as being around seventy to eighty years of age. He had a dark face which was etched with jewel-studded scars on brow and cheeks.[1]

He could speak the trader tongue.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Rava and Conquestor Avalt greeted a delegation of the Perish Grey Helms.[3]

Rava recalled how his advances had been spurned by Felash and that his agents had been tortured by the Princess and her handmaiden and their pickled eyeballs send to him in a bottle.[4]

Rava and Conquestor Avalt discussed the possibility that Abrastal might have spies at the Letherii court who might be behind the mysterious deaths of Rava's spies there. The both seemed to fear the Queen far more than her husband and agreed that she must not get involved in their 'present game'.[5]

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