Rath'Fanderay was an elderly priestess of the Mask Council in Capustan,[1] who represented the Goddess Fanderay. She was an ancient and shrunken figure with pallid, wrinkled skin.[2][3]

Like the gods they represented, Rath'Fanderay and the somewhat younger Rath'Togg were lovers, but fellow councilor Rath'Shadowthrone was amused to note that the two had never touched. He also said the couple was seen as the Mask Council's bookends, likely sitting on opposite ends of the council chamber, and that he had never heard them speak.[4]

In Memories of IceEdit

While the rest of the Mask Council was conducting the coronation of Prince Arard, Rath'Fanderay and Rath'Togg made their way to Capustan's Temple of Hood. There, Hood's Knight of Death prepared the sepulchre for the dying Mhybe while her guardians, Coll and Murillio, looked on. Once inside, the two councilors sat without speaking.[5]

As the Battle of Black Coral began they were joined by the Elder God K'rul whose presence was momentarily challenged by Coll. Soon K'rul's plans for the Mhybe and her dream world came to fruition, and the beast gods Togg and Fanderay were finally reunited there. Rath'Fanderay and Rath'Togg removed their masks, weeping with joy.[6]

Notes and referencesEdit

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