Rath'D'rek was a priest of the Mask Council in Capustan.[1] He represented the Goddess D'rek.

In Memories of IceEdit

Just as the Siege of Capustan was starting, the Barghast, Hetan and Cafal, petitioned for an audience before the Mask Council. Hetan started to speak, but Rath'D'rek angrily interrupted her arguing that she was just about to make the same claim that the Barghast had always made--that Capustan sat on land stolen from their tribe. He tried to shut Hetan down, and expressed umbrage that she spoke to the Council with disrespect. Hetan responded by calling him a "fart-fouled runt".[2]

Rath'D'rek survived the siege protected by the magical shield surrounding the Thrall.[3] Later, he attended the coronation of the city's new ruler, Prince Arard.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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