Rath'Burn was a priestess of the Mask Council in Capustan.[1] Her mask had a slitted mouth.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

Just as the Siege of Capustan was starting, the Barghast, Hetan and Cafal, petitioned for an audience before the Mask Council. Hetan started to speak, but Rath'D'rek angrily interrupted her arguing that she was just about to make the same claim that the Barghast had always made--that Capustan sat on land stolen from their tribe. But this time Rath'Queen of Dreams detected an underlying meaning beneath the usual words and Rath'Burn and Rath'Hood quickly caught on. They were the only three members of the Council who knew that the holy remains of the Barghast ancestors had been gathered and hidden under the floor of the Council Hall. Hetan had come to claim them and bring them home to the White Face clans. The Council ultimately acceded to her demands and ordered the Gidrath to pull up the Council floor above where the bodies were entombed.[2]

After the siege was lifted, the Warlord Caladan Brood called for a parley between the victors and the representatives of the city. Rath'Hood, Rath'Burn, Rath'Shadowthrone, and Keruli rushed to the meeting by carriage ahead of the representatives of the other city factions. Rath'Burn confronted Brood and demanded he use the hammer the goddess had given him to awaken her. All civilisation in the world would be destroyed, but Burn would no longer be dying of the Crippled God's poison. When Brood refused to do, she charged him with deceiving the goddess and demanded he hand over the hammer. Brood released the hammer into her grasp and its weight snapped both of her wrists.[3]

Brood explained that without meaning to, the goddess had given him a third choice--to constrain her and wait. Then he took pity on the priestess and healed her with High Denul. K'rul stated that Brood was too generous as the priestess had abandoned her goddess long ago. Brood spoke gently to Rath'Burn and guided her back to her chair.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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