Map Letheras

Central Letheras

The Rat Catchers' Guild was a shady organisation in the city of Letheras. Tehol Beddict enlisted their help in his scheme to bring down Letherii finances. They were aptly named because while they did indeed catch rats, they did not dispose of them as might have been assumed.[1]

According to Tehol Beddict:

"After all, you do much more than, uh, harvest rats, don’t you? In fact, your primary function is as the unofficial assassins’ guild -unofficial because, of course, it’s an outlawed activity and unpleasant besides. You’re also something of a thieves’ guild, too, although you’ve yet to achieve full compliance among the more independent-minded thieves. You also provide an unusually noble function in your unofficial underground escape route for impoverished refugees from assimilated border tribes. And then there’s the—"
―Tehol Beddict to the Rat Catchers' Guild[src]

Selected members Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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