"Raraku changes all who stride its broken soil."
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Seven Cities

Map Raraku

The Heart of Raraku

Raraku, also known as the Holy Desert, was a region west of the Pan'potsun Odhan on Seven Cities.[1] It lay in the northwest of the subcontinent between the cities of Ehrlitan and Karashimesh.

It was in Raraku that the Bridgeburners were formed[2] and later, where Sha'ik led her Whirlwind rebellion.

Raraku had once been an inland sea couched in the lap of high mountains.[3] Conch shells and other evidence of long dead marine life could still be found along the ancient shorelines.[4]

When the winds blew hard enough to move the sands, they often revealed the remains of vast roads and the casualties and detritus of past battles.[5] The desert was littered with false trails laid by its inhabitants to lead invaders to their deaths.[6]

Pan'arak Oasis Edit

The Pan'arak Oasis was said to lay at the very heart of the desert and served as the base of operations for the Army of the Whirlwind. It had been the site of the last of the First Empire's island enclaves until the city had been violent destroyed by invaders who settled upon its remains. Now only endless ruins of a city characterized by spacious gardens, courtyards, pools, and fountains remained. The oasis' vast quantity of water and the agriculture it allowed was able to support the eleven tribes of forty thousand people and their animals who lived there.[7]

Amidst the ruins, the current residents built mudbrick homes, horse pens, a market center, and a large library. The palace tent on the city's parade ground was the residence of Sha'ik.[8]


The desert's true heart was the Azath House Tremorlor, which held together a torn and fragmented warren. Legend also said Raraku was the place from which Icarium emerged.[9]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

As the Whirlwind rebellion began, a towering sandstorm over a mile in width encircled Raraku.[10][11] In some places the winds were so forceful that the sand stripped the flesh of those attempting to pass through it.[12] After Felisin Paran arrived at the oasis to be accepted as Sha'ik Reborn the sandstorm retracted to create an immense golden column above her that could be seen as far as Vathar Forest, several hundred leagues away.[13][14]

In House of ChainsEdit

Raraku harboured nearly a hundred thousand people.[15]

Flooded raraku

Flooded Raraku by Corporal Nobbs

After the battle between the Whirlwind army and the Bonehunters, the desert was flooded.

Notes and referencesEdit

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