The Ragstopper was a dilapidated Malazan trader craft owned by Cartharon Crust.[1][2] There were at least two equally dilapidated ships by that name. Crust purchased the second vessel after the previous one sank in Malaz City's harbour.[3]

The second Ragstopper was armed with springals and arbalests at its stern and bow, and carried a full hold of Moranth munitions.[4][5]

The ship's home port was Bantra in the Falari Isles.[6]

Known crew membersEdit

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The vessel was first mentioned in Deadhouse Gates when its unnamed captain was contracted by High Fist Pormqual to evacuate the Aren treasury to Unta during the Whirlwind uprising. Accompanying the cargo was the city treasurer, his two bodyguards, and twenty marines. Also booking passage were Salk Elan and Kalam Mekhar. During the voyage the treasurer colluded with a pair of pirate vessels to seize the Ragstopper and its cargo. The first mate and the marines were killed, but the captain ultimately regained control of the ship with the assistance of Kalam and Salk.

Before reaching Unta, the ship was rerouted to Malaz City where it was severely damaged in a battle between Apt and a Kenryll'ah demon. The crew evacuated the ship as it sank into the harbour with its cargo. In the excitement, acting First Mate Palet partially blurted out the captain's name revealing him to be Cartheron Crust.[9]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Cartharon and the "new" Ragstopper arrived in Unta with an empty hold on the eve of the Crimson Guard's invasion ostensibly to perform salvage work.[10] After the half emptied Imperial Arsenal was destroyed, a fully laden Ragstopper was seen leaving the harbour.[11]

The ship made for Cawn to take on supplies, but arrived after the city was sacked by the Crimson Guard. Crust rebuffed Harbour-Assessor Jenoso Al'Sule's attempts at collecting the proper taxes and fees and seeing that Cawn was no longer the freewheeling, independent city he remembered, Crust made haste for waters beyond Imperial reach.[12]

In AssailEdit

The Ragstopper next appeared far from the empire near the gold fields Assail where the vessel's offensive armaments were used to great effect at the pirate town of Old Ruse. When the pirates tried to trap the vessel with an anchor chain spread between two fortified towers, the Ragstopper blasted the towers to dust with Moranth munitions.[13]


"All [Cartharon Crust's] new ships are old. He buys them new old. He says he likes them worn in; says they know what to do then."
"The keel needs no inspection. It's rotten through and through and that's that!"
―Cartheron Crust[src]
"She's more rags than wood!"

Notes and referencesEdit

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