Lieutenant Aramstos Pores directly reported to Captain Kindly, first in the 2nd Company of the Ashok Regiment,[1] and then later in the Bonehunters. He and his captain had a comically adversarial relationship. He was later laterally 'promoted' to the rank of Master Sergeant.

At one point, Pores reminisced about his old squad: Ebron, Limp, Bell, and Sinn.[2]

Ruthan Gudd described Pores as a match for Kindly's wits and an exception to the rule which said that lieutenants were usually "either ambitious backstabbers or butt-licking fools".

In House of Chains Edit

Both Pores and Kindly were captured and held prisoner by Korbolo Dom's Dogslayers. They were set free by Bridgeburner ghosts on the eve of the confrontation between Sha'ik and Adjunct Tavore Paran and were then brought to the Malazan camp by Tene Baralta and his men.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

After masquerading as Kindly to several soldiers, Kindly switched Pores' to the rank of Master Sergeant thinking it a punishment. He was lumbered with several 'green' Letherii recruits which he was ordered to train, but got out of doing it as Hedge commandeered the soldiers for his new Bridgeburners, leaving Pores to his own devices.

In The Crippled God Edit

Pores, in his role as unofficial 'Quartermaster', had his nose broken by someone, resulting in black eyes.[3]

Pores was commanded by Fist Blistig to secretly hold a number of water barrels for him in reserve, as the Bonehunters commenced their journey across the Glass Desert.[4] Setting the barrels aside and having notified Kindly of the situation, Pores later opened them under Adjunct Tavore's direct command in order to slake the thirst of the Snake, a group of refugee children.[5]

Later, when the water for the army had just about run out, Pores was purposely isolated from the Bonehunters and subsequently stabbed by Blistig in order for the latter not only to get access to 'his' water barrels, but so as to also hide what he had done.[6] Kindly, having been informed of the vicious attack on Pores by Sergeant Balm, and that Ruthan Gudd had determined that blood found on Blistig's knife belonged to Pores, decided to take matters into his own hands in order to avenge the Lieutenant.[7] Pores' life was only barely saved by 'heroic' emergency surgery performed by Deadsmell, with the unexpected aid of a couple of The Unbound T'lan Imass, who were now traveling with the army.[8]


"It’s not as if I’m afraid of war. It’s the chaos I don’t like"
―Aramstos Pores[src]

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