Poliel, also called 'Mistress of Pestilence',[1] was an ascendant goddess of disease. She was the sister and counterpart of Soliel, the Mistress of Healing. She was also known as the Grey Goddess and the Queen of Disease.

She radiated such power that her form was almost indiscernible. She had long limbs suppurating with venom, an androgynous chest, legs with too many joints, and her feet were three toed and taloned, as large as an enkar'al's. Her eyes were the faintest of sparks and her lips were cracked and oozed with venom.[2]

Known Followers Edit

In Memories of IceEdit

Hood told Quick Ben that Poliel aspired to the role of Consort in the newly created High House Chains.[4] The Pannion Seer knew Poliel was on his side because he dreamt that while she caused the flesh of the Tenescowri to bloat and rot, she avoided harming his soldiers.[5]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Poliel started a plague on the Seven Cities continent from her temple in G'danisban.[6] Dujek Onearm led an assault on the temple expecting to find at most a High Priest, but finding the Goddess in person, he and his troop with a large part of the army were struck by the plague.

Ganoes Paran arrived soon after and entered the city with Noto Boil, heading to the temple where he confronted the Goddess. Proclaiming that she did not fear Soletaken and unable to perceive his true nature, Poliel was stunned when the Master of the Deck pinned her to the world with a sliver of Otataral.

In terrible pain and unable to escape, she watched the Hounds arrive with a trolbarahl, followed by the Deragoth. She was torn apart by the Deragoth.

Poliel's thoughts revealed that she had sought to heal Burn.[2]

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