The Perish Grey Helms were a group of warrior priests dedicated to the Wolves of Winter, Togg and Fanderay. They were a religious warrior order from the nation of Perish, famous for their use of Thrones of War.

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The Grey Helms came to the rescue of the Bonehunters on their return voyage to the Malazan Empire. They pledged their service to Adjunct Tavore, believing that she would lead them into a holy war.

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In Dust of Dreams Edit

The Grey Helms found themselves on the opposite side of the continent of Lether from the Bonehunters. When Run'Thurvian died, it left the order without a Destriant. Before his death, Run'Thurvian denied Tanakalian's offer of a last embrace, and claimed that the Perish would betray either Tavore or their own gods, leaving Tanakalian troubled. Tanakalian chose to hide Run'Thurvian's refusal from Krughava, whilst also suspecting her of seeking personal glory through her oath to Tavore. The Perish did not reach the Bonehunters in time to aid them in the battle against the K'Chain Nah'ruk.

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Shield Anvil Tanakalian resented that the Grey Helms had played no role in the battle against the Nah'ruk.[1] He ousted Mortal Krughava in a split which saw the Grey Helms abandon the Bonehunters. En route to Kolanse to aid the Forkrul Assail in the war, the Grey Helms were joined by Setoc, whom the Wolves proclaimed to be their new Destriant. During the Battle of the Spire, Krughava returned to the Grey Helms and challenged the Wolves themselves, claiming that humans would always be the better hunters. This angered the Wolves to the point where they took control of Setoc's body, ripping it to shreds in the process, and attempted to attack Krughava. Tanakalian lunged in with a knife, stabbing the body in the chest and killing one of the Wolves, before stabbing Krughava in the throat, screaming that it was unfair that he would not be the hero he desired to be. Krughava survived long enough to kill Tanakalian before succumbing to her injuries.  

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