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Interpretation of Pearl by Corporal Nobbs

For the demon see Pearl (demon)

Pearl was a mage and an agent of the Claw[1], but was disgraced. Almost effeminate in appearance, Pearl was tall with dark skin, a lean face and was fond of dressing in green silks. He was also 1/4th Tiste Andü and 3/4ths Human.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Pearl initially teamed up with Lostara Yil of the Red Blades and followed Kalam Mekhar into the Imperial Warren.

Pearl then arranged to travel with Kalam on the Ragstopper under the pseudonym "Salk Elan". Though Kalam had figured out that Elan was not who he pretended to be, he was unable to stop him from attempting to kill him. On the trip, Pearl had ensorcelled both the ship and its captain, eventually redirecting them from their original destination of Unta, to Malaz Island. Once in the harbour, Pearl ensorcelled Kalam, preventing him from moving, stabbed him, though not fatally, and threw him into the shark-infested water.

As he threw the assassin overboard, he told him that while he expected the man to actually make it to shore, there were several hands of Claws waiting for him in the city. At that point, Apt materialised onboard the ship and attacked Pearl, forcing him to flee and at the same time releasing the captain and his vessel from the spell that had held them.

In House of ChainsEdit

He and the Red Blade Lostara were sent by Adjunct Tavore to search for Felisin Paran. During this journey, they become lovers.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Pearl was convinced that he had lost Lostara to the fires at Y'Ghatan. In Malaz City he shot Kalam Mekhar with poisoned quarrels and left him to die. He was killed by Apsalar later, and she revealed that he was the last target Cotillion had asked her to assassinate.

Significant plot details end here.

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