Paralt was a name used for different poisons which were often used by assassins.

Kartoolian (or Yellow) paraltEdit

Kartoolian paralt (or spider paralt) was derived from the venom of the yellow-banded spiders who inhabited Kartool. It was said to produce a most painful, protracted death. That poison that kept the victim "alive for as long as possible, feeding his heart with everything it needed, even as vessels throughout his body burst, again and again and again".

The victim's limbs were twisted as if someone had broken their joints, the nodes at the crotch and neck swelled until they burst, and the face was left in an unrecognizable rictus of agony. The pain alone was said to be enough to kill.[1]

White paralt Edit

White paralt (or snake paralt) was derived from the venom of white paralt snakes.[citation needed] It was said to bring on a much quicker death. The name 'White Paralt' in the Seven Cities (Bisbrha and Debrahl) language however, described a poison derived from spiders.[2] Also known as "death-ticklers", their underbellies were a pale golden colour.[3]

Iskaral Pust carried a vial of paralt poison around his neck and Baruk had created an antidote to white paralt.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The Claw, Pearl used a quarrel dipped in Kartoolian paralt to shoot Kalam Mekhar in the back.[4] When Apsalar discovered Kalam's body, she took the quarrel and hunted down the Claw, using his own quarrel to poison him after incapacitating him in an alley near the docks in Malaz City.

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

Lord Fangatooth Claw attempted to murder the necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach by adding yellow paralt to their food. Bauchelain and Broach were unaffected as they were immune to the poison. Their manservant Emancipor Reese was equally protected because Bauchelain had been exposing him to small doses of the poison in his rustleaf for months.[5]

See Talk:Paralt for more information/references on this topic.

Notes and referencesEdit

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