Panek was a child of Shadow.[1] He had been a Malazan child crucified together with 1,300 other children by the followers of the Whirlwind Rebellion under Korbolo Dom's command before joining Shadow.[2]

Kalam Mekhar thought him a boy of twelve or thirteen while the nine or ten-year-old Nil thought they were of the same age.[3][4]

Panek had a single eye and dagger-like fangs as long as a toddler's fingers.[5] He spoke with a rasping voice.[6]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Panek and the other crucified children were rescued by the demon Apt who convinced Shadowthrone to heal them and bring them to safety within the Realm of Shadow. Apt claimed guardianship of Panek and asked that he be force-healed. Shadowthrone did so, but warned that such healing demanded a price, and the effects on the boy's mind would make him unpredictable. In the process of restoring his health, Shadowthrone shaped the boy's eyeless sockets into one eye matching Apt's.[7] Afterwards, she and the boy traveled together with the boy clinging to her back and addressing the demon as "mother".[8]

Panek's unusual state gave him a sense of sight within Shadow much like the Hounds of Shadow and beyond even Cotillion's own. Introducing himself as Uncle Cotillion, the assassin expressed regret that the boy remembered his crucifixion and assured him that the punishment had not been the boy's fault. He was stunned to discover that the boy was able to see walls, trees, and other parts of the old places of the Shadow Hold that he could not, and asked the boy to teach him what he saw. As Cotillion departed and faded into the dark, Panek asked his mother, "Does he imagine that he now walks unseen?"[9]

The boy clung to Apt's back as she fought many foes, including the Semk godling, Pearl and his Kenryll'ah demon, and Hands of the Claw.[10][11][12]

In House of ChainsEdit

Apt demon of shadow by merlkir

Interpretation of Apt and Panek by Merlkir

Panek and the other rescued Malazan orphans were trained by Minala and Apt to become the Company of Shadow. He, Minala, and the Company were sent to guard the First Throne together with Apt, where they met Onrack, Trull Sengar, and the T'lan Imass Monok Ochem and Ibra Gholan who were also on the way to protect the throne.

In The BonehuntersEdit

He took part in the defence of the First Throne and survived, although his 'mother' Apt died.

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Panek was 'retired' to the Shadow Realm together with Aystar and the other few surviving children soldiers and was not seen again.

Notes and referencesEdit

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