Pahlk Orlong was the father of Synyg Orlong and grandfather of Karsa Orlong.[1] He was the last man of the Uryd clan to have led a raid into foreign territory, prior to Karsa.

In House of ChainsEdit

Pahlk was venerated as a great warrior, the last who had led successful raids outside the village. His grandson, Karsa, admired Pahlk and saw in him a role model. Pahlk and his son Synyg did not get on as unlike his father and his son, Synyg saw no glory in the slaughter of 'children', the Teblor phrase for humans. Once Karsa had left, Synyg threw his father out and promised him death should he come back.[2]

On his travels, Karsa bit by bit uncovered that the truth of his grandfather's foray to Silver Lake was somewhat different from the heroic stories Pahlk had been telling. Pahlk had arrived at a farm on Silver Lake half starved, and had been taken in and nursed back to health. He had then slaughtered his hosts.

Notes and referencesEdit

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