Our Lady the Saviour Cloister and Hospice was the most prominent structure in Banith and its tall jutting spires and gabled roofs could be seen from everywhere in the city.[1] The site of one of the three sacred relics of the Blessed Lady, it was a source of great prestige and visited year-round by pilgrims from across the Lands of Fist. It was said to be built on the very rock where the Lady had shed blood protecting her people from the Stormriders.[2][3]

Pilgrims making their way to the Cloister's healing fountain walked past the stalls, shops, and hawkers lining the Way of Obtestation. Tall copper doors monitored by the Guardians of the Faith allowed entrance to the walled city within a city. The compound contained schools, administration buildings, kitchens and a bakery, a nunnery, a library, and an orphanage. There were also manicured gardens of hedges, ornamental trees, colonnaded walks, and gravel paths of Blessed Contemplation.[4]

The three-story wooden Hospice was the largest in Fist and served the Cloister's aged and dying brothers and sisters.[5]

Leadership of the compound's thousand member staff fell to Abbot Starvann Arl.[6]

In StonewielderEdit

Assessor Bakune visited the Cloister to investigate the death of Sister Prudence.[7] He later slipped over the wall during the Festival of Renewal, suspecting the Abbot was behind the murders that had plagued the town for decades. He and the priest Ipshank discovered the Abbot and his acolytes slaughtered in the Lady's Temple. Ipshank rescued a young girl who had been possessed by the spirit of the Lady.[8] The sacred relic within the temple was revealed to be a physical fragment of the goddess. It was carried off by her adherents to safety in a network of caves near Thol.[9]

After the city was occupied by the Malazan Expeditionary Force, the Cloister and Hospice were burned to the ground by followers of the Lady hoping to incite hatred against the occupiers.[10]

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