Selush: "Well, an ootooloo is a small soft-bodied creature that feeds through a crevice, a sort of vertical slit for a mouth. Its skin is covered in cilia with the unusual quality of transmitting sensation. These cilia can take root in membranous flesh—"
Tehol: "Hold on a moment," Tehol said, aghast, "you’re not suggesting—’"
Selush: "‘Most men can’t tell the difference, but it enhances pleasure many times... or so I am led to believe. I have never invited one inside, since the emplacement of an ootooloo is permanent, and it needs, uhm, constant feeding."
Selush to Tehol Beddict[src]

An ootooloo was described as a primitive but singular sea-creature which lived in hot springs in the Bluerose Mountains. It was a form of parasite utilized by Shurq Elalle to "enliven" otherwise dead "spaces". The parasite was "installed" by Selush as part of a deal made between Shurq and Tehol.

Notes and referencesEdit

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