Norlo Trumb was a Preda (i.e., a commander) in the Letherii Army. He was stationed at a fort located outside the capital city of Letheras where he was in charge of the six Letherii guards garrisoned there. He was known not to be particularly perceptive and was thought by his guards to be mentally slow to a dangerous degree when faced with situations which required quick thinking and decisive action.[1][2]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Norlo Trumb and his Letherii guards were embroiled in just such a tricky situation when a group of some twelve, heavily-armed, soldiers of the Malazan 14th Army (i.e., the Bonehunters) arrived on horseback at the fort, demanding the immediate release of Sgt. Sinter and her sister, Cpl. Kisswhere - who had both been imprisoned for months in the fort's gaol block, being slowly starved to death by their captors. It was made clear by the leader of the Malazans, Sgt. Badan Gruk, that there would be dire consequences ensuing to the Preda, as well as to his guards, if the two prisoners were not turned over to the Malazans...alive. After an escalating amount of "encouragement", the hitherto uncompromising Norlo Trumb finally grasped the wisdom of freeing Sinter and Kisswhere and so ordered their release - much to the heartfelt relief of the guards, who had been sure that their Preda's intransigence was going to lead to the death of all of them.[3]

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