Nilbanas was an old, veteran officer of the Grey Swords stationed in Capustan.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

On the second day of the Siege of Capustan, the city's gates were breached and the streets were flooded with Pannion Domin soldiers and mobs of Tenescowri cannibals. Nilbanas was at Brukhalian's side when the Mortal Sword received a message from Rath'Fener of the Mask Council. Fener's priest invoked the Reve's Eight Command ordering Brukhalian and his Grey Swords to aid him at the Thrall.[2]

Nilbanas characterised the request as a suicide mission, pointing out that the Grey Swords would have to cross half a city swarming with enemies. He argued that Rath'Fener had betrayed them and that the order desecrated the Reve and should not be followed. Brukhalian agreed that the mission would likely lead to their deaths, but countered that the words of the Reve were greater than the priest and must be followed. The Mortal Sword promised the nearly sobbing Nilbanas that Itkovian would deliver Fener's vengeance.[3]

By the time the 400 Grey Swords reached the concourse before the Thrall, Nilbanas was at peace with his fate. They were soon surrounded by five thousand of Septarch Kulpath's crack Urdomen, Seerdomin, Betaklites, and archers. The Grey Swords locked shields around Brukhalian while Nilbanas stood in their front. The old veteran whirled his sword above his head, roaring triumphantly while spinning in a dance of defiance. When the Pannion archers loosed, Nilbanas was pierced with over a hundred arrows and fell. Brukhalian and his Grey Swords followed shortly after.[4]


Nilbanas: "I am calmed, sir. I am calmed."
Brukhalian: "They surround the concourse before us. Shall we enter?"
Nilbanas: "Aye, sir, with great joy."
Nilbanas (seeing they are vastly outnumbered): "Pathetic."
Brukhalian: "The Septarch deems himself clever, sir."
Nilbanas: "And us stupid with honour."
Brukhalian: "Aye, we are that indeed, are we not, old friend?"
―Nilbanas and Brukhalian go to meet their fate[src]

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