Map Black Coral

Black Coral and environs

Rather than attempting to rebuild the Old Palace in Black Coral, Genabackis after the Siege of Coral, the Tiste Andii had a New Palace built as their seat of power. It was also known as the New Andiian Palace.[1]

"Dragon Tower stood like a torch above Black Coral. The spire, rising from the northwest corner of the New Andiian Palace, was solid black basalt, dressed in fractured, faceted obsidian that glistened in the eternal gloom enshrouding the city. Atop its flat roof crouched a crimson-scaled dragon, wings folded, its wedge head hanging over one side so that it seemed to stare down on the crazed shadowy patchwork of buildings, alleys and streets far below."
―Description of the New Palace[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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