Nep Furrow was a Dal Honese shaman and a member of Badan Gruk's 5th squad in the Bonehunters army. He was described as wrinkled with yellowy eyes and pierced everything - ears, nose, wattle, cheeks - the gold ornaments a startling contrast to his dark scowling face.[1]

His accent was so thick as to make most of his utterances completely unintelligible.

Nep Furrow Quotes - No definite translations availableEdit

"Eggit'way fra meen, tit-woman!" (Take it away from me, tit-woman!)
"Wha'?" (What?)
"You teasin' tit-woman you! Eggit'way fra meen!" (You teasing tit-woman you! Take it away from me!)
"Bliss'em clay balls? Ya mad, tit-woman? Less time I done that-'" (Bless those clay balls? Are you mad, tit-woman? Last time I did that-')
"Eggit'way fra meen!" (Take it away from me, tit-woman!)

"Ey whev? [...] I een no eruch dhug, Errufel. E'en a vulf, izme. Nep Vulf!" (Why? [...] I am no roach dog, Ruffle. Am a wolf, that's me. Nep Wolf!)

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