Nemil was a nation which lay between the sub-continent of Seven Cities and northeast of the kingdom of Shal-Morzinn south of the Perish.

Malazan World Map by D'rek

Nemil, located between Seven Cities and Shal Morzinn wit Perish to the north

The Nemil had once expanded and surrounded the lands that Trell inhabited. Their frequent encroachment and transgressions on the Trell provoked a war between the two, the Nemil led by their general Saylan'mathas.

The initial stages of the war swung in Nemil's favor, the Trell too disorganized in their ways of battle to do permanent harm to the Nemil legions.

However, under the leadership of Trynigarr, the Trell beat the Nemil seven times, forcing the Nemil to sue for peace, agreeing to leave the Trell and their lands in peace.

However, the Nemil then slaughtered the herds of Bhederin that the Trell depended on for food, while the herds were in Nemil lands. This forced the Trell tribes to surrender to the Nemil, and they were gradually overtaken and conquered.

The Trell, Mappo, observed that lust for blood was the Nemil way of life.

The Nemil army was composed of archers, infantry in the form of superbly trained legions that wielded pikes in a phalanx formation, and heavy cavalry or cataphracts, who were composed of mostly the nobility, both men and women.[1]

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