Nekal Bara was Trate's resident sorceress. It was said that her power was a near rival to Ceda Kuru Qan's. She appeared dressed in blue. She was considered one of the three most powerful mages of the North in Lether along with Enedictal and Arahathan.[1]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Kuru Qan planned a massive attack, through Nekal, Arahathan, and Enedictal as well as the rest of their cadre on four Tiste Edur villages beyond the mountains in the hope that the Edur armies might already have reached them and be destroyed. Seren Pedac warned against this full unveiling of their power but her advice was ignored.[2]

After the attack had been unleashed, Nekal slumped to her knees but her hair and clothes remained untouched by the wind that raged on all sides.[3]

The Edur had however already vacated those villages and were on their way south.[4] Soon Nekal, positioned atop the lighthouse tower, was facing their ships approach Trate Bay. The Edur were accompanied by an ancient spirit in the waters beneath, which the Edur had bound to their service. Nekal had studied the creature and had been assigned to strike at it whilst Arahathan would be blocking its attack. She thought that killing the spirit would likely deplete them both but hoped that the six minor sorcerers under her command would be enough against the fleet.[5]

Nekal was not overly worried about facing the spirit until she realised how enormous it was. The spirit attacked and Arahathan was swallowed by shadow. Nekal flung herself off the lighthouse which was crumbling and vanished within a shaft of magic. The coruscating threads of blue fire around a blinding, white core, pierced the flank of the spirit like a spear. Nekal felt Arahathan failing as she descended through layers and layers of the spirit only to find that it was only a shell held together by memory, however within, she saw something terrible and knew she was about to die. She scrambled a link to Kuru Qan to enable him to see what she was facing.[6]

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