"The Nameless Ones, who think not in years, but in centuries."
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The Nameless Ones were an ancient order of human priests who worshipped the Azath Houses. According to Trell legend, their origins dated back to the time of the First Empire.[1] They had been one of two First Empire sects that were meant to clasp together as guiding hands. The Nameless Ones had been led astray from their god and been cast out. Now they bowed to a new master and new mysteries.[2]

They considered themselves the servants of the Azath, the shapers of their will.

The Nameless Ones dressed in dark or grey hooded robes and carried wooden staffs whose runic etching seemed to writhe and buckle. The runes seemed ever changing as if being continuously rewritten by unseen hands.[3][4][5]

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History Edit

Logros, who commanded the T'lan Imass, ordered that the First Throne that commanded the T'lan Imass be removed from Seven Cities because the Nameless Ones were getting closer to finding out the location of the Throne and he feared that their first order to the Imass, should a priest of the Nameless Ones ascend the throne, would be to voluntarily accept eternal imprisonment. Since Kellanved assumed the First Throne, and later, he had also spent some time in the Azath, it baffled Onrack that he had not exploited the First Throne for his own gains to a fuller extent.[7]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Four Nameless Ones were found dead at the entrance to the maze surrounding Tremorlor in Raraku by a traveling party consisting of Mappo Runt, Icarium, Iskaral Pust, Apsalar, Crokus, Rellock, and Fiddler. Iskaral Pust, Shadowthrone's High Priest, spoke with disdain of the Nameless Ones, insisting that Dancer and the Talon had eradicated the cult at Kellanved's command. The Nameless Ones had earned the former Emperor's enmity due to vulnerable secrets (Kellanved's presumably) and their continued resentment if his entry into the Deadhouse.[8] This claim was inadvertently verified by Apsalar, based on memories she retained from her possession by Cotillion.[9] Mappo said that Kellanved's purge might have been successful within the Empire, however, Nameless Ones occasionally visited his tribe in the Jhag Odhan.[10]

Mappo admitted to Icarium that it was the Nameless Ones who had appointed the Jhag's guardians over the years.[11] The ancient Jaghut Gothos informed Fiddler that the Nameless Ones had been so desperate to find the last guardian for Icarium that they had destroyed Mappo's settlement and blamed it on Icarium. Mappo, walking the bone strewn town of his birth, had volunteered to accompany Icarium to prevent the tragedy from ever happening again while ignorant of its true cause.[12][13]

In House of Chains Edit

It was revealed that B'ridys was an ancient monastery of the order and also that the Tanno claimed that their faith was a direct descendant of the Nameless Ones.

In Midnight TidesEdit

Kettle recalled being called 'Nameless One' by Nerek witches.[14]

In The BonehuntersEdit

The Nameless Ones were responsible for releasing Dejim Nebrahl and also employed the Gral tribesman Taralack Veed to replace Mappo Runt as Icarium's companion. It was revealed that the Nameless Ones and Shadowthrone were mutually concerned about the other's activities, or more precisely, lack of knowledge about the motivation behind those activities. A priest of the Nameless Ones assassinated Mebra before Apsalar reached him.

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It was revealed that, contrary to Mappo's belief that Icarium had murdered his clan, it had been the Nameless Ones who had done the deed in order to manipulate Mappo into becoming Icarium's protector.

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