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The Nameless Ones were an ancient order of priests who worshipped the Azath Houses. Their origins date back to the time of the First Empire.

They consider themselves the servants of the Azath, the shapers of their will.

Spite is one of the Nameless Ones.

In House of Chains Edit

It was revealed that B'ridys was an ancient monastery of the order and also that the Tanno claimed that their faith was a direct descendant of the Nameless Ones.

In The BonehuntersEdit

The Nameless Ones were responsible for releasing Dejim Nebrahl and also employed the Gral tribesman Taralack Veed to replace Mappo Runt as Icarium's companion. It is revealed that the Nameless Ones and Shadowthrone are mutually concerned about the other's activities, or more precisely, lack of knowledge about the motivation behind those activities. A priest of the Nameless Ones assassinated Mebra before Apsalar reached him.

It was revealed that, contrary to Mappo's belief that Icarium had murdered his clan, it had been the Nameless Ones who had done the deed in order to manipulate Mappo into becoming Icarium's protector.

Significant plot details end here.

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