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Murillio was a courtier and one of the regulars at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan.[1] He was a friend of Crokus, Rallick Nom, and Coll and was an associate of Kruppe. He was described as having a long, elegant frame, and being lanky.[2]

On his first appearance he was dressed in a bright-green, soft billowing shirt and fine tanned soft pantaloons. He was fastidious in his appearance.[3]

Murillio was an accomplished duellist, having studied under Carpala the famed instructor.[4]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

Observing Murillio and Rallick Nom, Crokus suspected that they were plotting something.[5]

Murillio was a known flirt. He was seen out on the courts with the widow (her marital status was inferred rather than stated) of the recently assassinated Councilman Lim within a couple of days of the man's death.[6] Soon after, he was entertaining Lady Orr, Turban Orr's wife. Ostensibly a romantic meeting, in reality, Murillio was after procuring ticket's to Lady Simtal's fête for himself and Rallick Nom.[7] Lady Orr's most trusted hand-servant delivered the invitations to him, a bamboo tube, tied with a blue ribbon. [8]

When Murillio met with Rallick in the grounds of Hinter's Tower to talk about the Fête, Rallick ambushed him to test Murillio's reflexes and was pleased that they were still good, despite good living. They agreed to further Crokus' ambition to become a man of standing and exchanged suspicions about Kruppe.[9]

Murillio and Rallick secretly sought the downfall of Lady Simtal who had climbed the social ladder by marrying their friend Coll, then plotting a legal coup against him, leaving her with all of his possessions and Coll with nothing. Their plans came to a convergence with those of various others during the fête at Lady Simtal's estate. This resulted in Lady Simtal's suicide, and the subsequent restoration of Coll to his former position as a nobleman.[10]

In Memories of Ice Edit

Murillio was the carriage driver for Coll and a group of other Darujhistani councilors that met with the forces of Caladan Brood, Anomander Rake, and Dujek Onearm. Upon arriving at the meeting site near Pale, he was angered to discover an uninvited Kruppe already present by use of horses closely resembling those stolen from the Council delegation. The councilors successfully forged an alliance against the threat of the Pannion Domin to the east.[11]

When the allied forces decided to go to the aid of soon to be besieged Capustan, Murillio accompanied them.[12] Feeling out of place amongst the soldiers, he found himself tending the Mhybe who had seemingly been abandoned by her daughter, Silverfox. The latter had been aging very rapidly by unknowingly taking the life force of her mother, leaving the Mhybe incredibly wizened and frail.

After the siege of Capustan was relieved by the allies and Silverfox had grown enough that she no longer needed to draw life energy from the Mhybe, Murillio and Coll helped her to a temple dedicated to K'rul. There, she was sent to live in the body of a young woman in a sort of afterlife.

In Toll the Hounds Edit

After being seriously wounded by the jealous lover of one of his conquests, he decided to mend his ways and took the position of duelling instructor at a school operated by Stonny Menackis. Feeling old, Murillio decided he wanted to settle down with someone, and quickly became enamoured with his jaded boss. His feelings and approaches, however, were rejected. When Stonny's son Harllo disappeared, Murillio tried to find him, together with Kruppe. Eventually he forced the truth out of Snell and went to the mine where Harllo had ended up.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Murillio.

At the mine, Murillio was killed by Gorlas Vidikas in a duel, while trying to retrieve Harllo. He was at a disadvantage owing to sores on his feet and weariness from the trip to the mine.

Significant plot details end here.


"He’d had, perhaps, too much wine. Enough to weaken a certain resolve, the one having to do with recognizing his own maturity..."
―Murillio, just before making a big mistake[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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