Munug was an itinerant artisan[1] from Darujhistan who crafted small items from materials such as bone, jade, ivory, or serpentine. He was also a painter, the skill of which he was most proud.[2]

He was described as an old man with a broad forehead, white, wiry eyebrows, a narrow set of features and an almost chinless jaw. His teeth were snaggled, crooked, and jutted out in all directions. He had thin legs wrapped in leather and wore a threadbare tunic.[3]

Munug thought of his life as one of grief and pain and little happiness. He suffered greatly from painful tumours between his legs.[4]

In Memories of IceEdit

Picker and Blend met Munug in the foothills of the Tahlyn Hills while patrolling for smugglers. Claiming to be heading to the market in Pale, Munug sold Picker a set of three interlocking ivory arm torcs allegedly blessed by a priest of Treach.[5] Picker allowed him to continue on his way but not before placing one of Quick Ben's tracker pebbles in the suspicious man's pack.

In actuality, Munug had been on his way to an appointment with the Crippled God. Passing into the god's Warren, the artisan presented him with a set of wooden cards he had painted at the god's request. Each contained scenes of pain and imperfection. In return, the god had promised to "cure" him of his tumors. The god removed his pain, but left Munug paralysed from the waist down far from home and civilisation.[6]

Ganoes Paran later encountered Munug outside the gate to the Finnest House in Darujhistan. The former artisan was now a grimy coughing beggar dressed in rags and dragging himself across the ground. Paran offered him a handful of silver coins and Munug tried to interest him in sponsoring an expedition to recover a cache of gold Councils he had hidden in the Tahlyn Hills. Paran politely declined and warned the beggar not to stay too long outside the Azath's gate.[7]

In Toll the Hounds Edit

Munug resurfaced in the city of Darujhistan as Prophet Seech, High Priest of the Fallen One.[8][9] He had a brief encounter with Bedek and Myrla and told them that even the Crippled God rejected such a creature as their son Snell.[10]

In The Crippled God Edit

Munug died in Karsa Orlong's arms outside the temple of Fener in Darujhistan.[11]


"I – I was an artist once. These hands – so deformed now, so bent and frozen – can you understand? All this talent, but no way to release it, no way to give it shape. But perhaps we are all like that, and only the lucky few are able to find talent’s path unbarred."

Notes and referencesEdit

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