Map Northwest Genabackis

Northwest Genabackis

Located in the northwest of the continent of Genabackis, Mott Wood was the home of the Mott Irregulars and the site of the Mott Campaign which saw the Malazan forces humiliated by the seriously underestimated locals.

The Wood was separated into several areas: Mott West Wood, Oraz Wood, Mott East Wood and Mott South Wood. At the heart of the Wood was the settlement of Mott, itself. Mott East Wood and Mott South wood were separated from each other by Greydog Lake.

In the year 1161 BS, Staff Sergeant Aragan referred to the area outside Mott Forest on Genabackis as 'farmland hit by five years' drought and a war twice as long'.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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