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The Mott Irregulars were "something vaguely resembling a mercenary company" comprised of largely woodcutters and farmers hailing from Mott Wood just outlying the city of Mott. They specialized in fighting in wooded areas using guerrilla warfare; they were also particularly adept in fighting magic. And they liked wood. A lot.

Quick Ben called them "the scariest mages we've ever faced. […] maybe that's the wrong name for them. Warlocks might be better. Swamp-snuffling warlocks. With bits of bark in their hair. Get them into a forest and you won't find them unless they want you to. Those Bole brothers, they're the worst of the lot, though I've heard that there's a lone sister among them who you wouldn't want to meet, ever."

The Irregulars were originally the people living in Mott Wood who had not surrendered to the city of Mott. The Malazans, fearing a renegade force launching hit and run attacks against their ever expanding supply lines, sent the Bridgeburners into the wood with the intent of dislodging them. The Bridgeburners failed to do this, unable to pin down the slippery Irregulars who where able to run circles around the Malazan forces as well as the Gold Moranth. Ultimately the Malazan forces withdrew. Whiskeyjack called them "a handful", saying that the Irregulars spent most of their time stealing Malazan supplies and running away.[1]

A year and a half after they first entered the forest, the Irregulars where drawn into Caladan Brood's host. During this conflict, the Irregulars where known to hurl Nathii black-cakes (a type of sticky syrup cake) when they ran out of arrows while trying to repel the Malazan forces in Mott Wood.

They also seemed to possess amazing strength as seen when a Trygalle Trade Guild carriage was attacked by a Shi'Gal Assassin. Amby and Jula Bole were able to beat back a K'Chain Che'Malle easily four times their size.[2]

Many Mott Irregulars, like Jamber Bole in The Bonehunters, claimed the title "High Marshal".[3]

In Memories of IceEdit

Before the siege of Coral members of the Mott Irregulars were travelling both with Dujek's and with Brood's forces. They were prevented by Kallor from passing on vital information to Brood about the disposition of the Malazan Forces.[4] The Malazans in turn, knowing about the presence of the Irregulars, were acting in the belief that that information would be passed on.[5]

The Irregulars were instrumental in the siege by taking down Pannion Domin sorcerers.[6] After the battle, seven hundred and twenty-two Mott Irregulars remained.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Crump, a sapper in the 7th squad of one of the companies of the Malaz 14th Army, turned out to have been Jamber Bole of the Mott Iregulars.[3]

Known Mott Irregulars Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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