Mockra contestdA

'Mockra attack' Interpretation by Corporal Nobbs

Mockra was a Warren also known as the Path of the Mind, and among the rarest warrens accessed by mortals.[1] Mockra-based magic was used to manipulate and influence the minds of others, often through illusion. It could create a mental block that its victim was aware of and still be unable to penetrate.[2] Targets of Mockra could be made to misread the passage of time or lose control of their bodies and become paralyzed.[3][4]

It also allowed practitioners to see into the minds of their targets. Some practitioners used Mockra to divine visions of the future.[5]

High Mage Ussü speculated that Mockra was the child of High Thyr and possibly associated with the Queen of Dreams.[6]

Notable users Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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