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Minala Eltroeb was originally from Quon[1]. She was the sister of Selv, the wife of Keneb[2]. Minala had been married to an abusive husband. It was strongly implied that she killed him when the chaos surrounding the Whirlwind provided an opportunity.[3]

She was attractive; medium-boned, with iron-streaked hair and startling grey eyes. She was also an extremely skilled rider.

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Minala met Kalam when he rescued her and her family from bandits. Despite their somewhat tumultuous relationship, she ultimately left her sister's family to follow him, taking his stallion with her. Luckily for the assassin, she was on a second ship in Malaz harbour when he was thrown overboard by Pearl. She later found Kalam and rescued him from a Claw ambush in an alleyway.

In House of ChainsEdit

Minala and Kalam were charged with caring for a group of thirteen hundred Seven Cities children orphaned by the Whirlwind and brought to them by Shadowthrone. Unbeknownst to Minala, Shadowthrone had planned on training the children to be his warriors, and used them to protect the First Throne from the Tiste Edur.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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