The Meckros were a seafaring people that lived on man-made island nations. It was implied that these floating cities travelled the seas of the world, doing trade with many inhabitants of many lands, and raiding their coastlines. They were known to raid the Isle of the Seguleh much to the entertainment of that island's warriors of the Lower Schools.[1]

The Meckros floating cities could provide a home for up to 20,000 people.[2] They appeared as normal cities with tall homes and narrow, crooked alleys. But they were surrounded by high walls of wicker and their understructures were a complex framework of balsa logs, ladders, and inflated bladders.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

Lanas Tog, last of the Kerluhm T'lan Imass, was found adrift in Coral Bay by Lady Envy amidst the wrecked fragment of a Meckros floating city.[1]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

A Meckros city had come on a particularly dangerous part of Letherii shore, and had been destroyed there, roughly eighty years before the invasion of Lether by the Malazan Empire.[2]

In Blood and BoneEdit

The former Crimson Guardsman Skinner and a group of his Disavowed entered the wrecked Meckros city of Ambajenad in search of a fragment of the Crippled God. There they fought Veng, a corrupted automaton and former guardian of the city.[3]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Kallor landed upon the island of a Meckros floating city, seeking supplies for his onward journey.[4]

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