Map Genabackis from Memories of Ice

Map Genabackis published in MoI

The port city of Maurik was due north of Coral where the River Maurik entered the Rust Ocean. Its main thoroughfare ran west through town from the city harbour. The southern side of the street was occupied by squat, sprawling multi-story warehouses while the north side was occupied by civic buildings, trader shops, inns, and taverns. Hauling ropes from the upper floors of the warehouses crossed above the road to the flat roofs of the trader shops.[1]

South of the warehouses ran the River Maurik, which was not navigable where it passed through the city. The give and take between tide and current on the river resulted in ever changing sandbars that could only be cleared by the most shallow-draughted craft. Goods brought down the river had to be offloaded at the flats upriver and carted to the city's warehouses. Outside the city, the river was lined with ramshackle fisher huts and shacks on stilts.[2]

Maurik was the first of several cities to be taken in the northward expansion of the Pannion Domin. The ruler of Maurik had capitulated to the Pannion invasion by arresting all of the city's priests and delivering them to the Tenescowri to be eaten. In return, she was granted a governorship by the Pannion Seer and was able to confiscate the wealth of the temples.[3]

After the invasion, it became an empty city with all of its occupants being either mutilated, eaten, or kept to be devoured later. Its warehouses were stripped bare and a seastorm had filled the streets with toppled ornamental trees and seaweed-tangled sand dunes.[4]

In Memories of IceEdit

After the allied forces of Caladan Brood and Dujek Onearm defeated the army of Septarch Kulpath and lifted the Siege of Capustan, they set their eyes on Coral. The armies split into two to liberate the cities of Lest and Setta before planning rejoin to at Maurik.[5]

Brood's forces arrived first, and Whiskeyjack brought a portion of Onearm's Host down the Maurik River by barge from Setta. The rest were transported by Quorl closer to Coral. He was met outside the city by Caladan Brood, Kallor, Hurlochel, Orfantal, and Korlat who were eager to discover where High Fist Dujek Onearm and the rest of the expected Malazan army had gone.[6]

Notes and referencesEdit

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