Maral Eb was warchief of the Barahn White Face Barghast and a close rival to Humbrall Taur.[1] He wore bronze brigandine armour and adorned his greased, spiky hair with red-tipped porcupine quills.[2] His white death-mask and his arms were streaked with red ochre.[3] He led the Barahn warriors like "the tip of a barbed spearhead", closely followed by men bearing standards festooned with severed heads kept as trophies.[4]

He had two brothers, Sagal and Kashat.[5]

Memories of IceEdit

Maral Eb's clan arrived in strength when Humbrall Taur called the clans to counsel, bringing over ten thousand weapon-bearers to the gathering in the Barghast Range.[6] The Bridgeburners helped secure Taur's overall command of the Barghast by first putting forth and defending Trotts as warchief of a prestigious clan thought lost, and then by confirming that the spirits of the Barghast First Families were trapped with their bodies in Capustan.[7]

The Barahn joined the other Barghast under Taur's leadership to fight the Pannion Domin at the Siege of Capustan.[8] Presumably Maral Eb accompanied them.

In Dust of DreamsEdit

After Onos T'oolan succeeded Humbrall Taur, Maral felt that Tool had usurped the leadership of the White Face and plotted to remove him.

Notes and referencesEdit

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