Mammot (or Mammoltenan) was an aged and eminent scholar and historian.[1] He was referred to as both a High Priest of D'rek[2] and D'riss.[3] He was uncle to Crokus Younghand and a secret member of the T'orrud Cabal.[4] His warren was D'riss.[2]


Mammot by Kremena Chipilova

Mammot lived in a tenement building in Darujhistan. The building, at the mouth of an alley, had steps leading up to a lit doorway. Entering the building, there was a narrow, poorly lit hallway, with curtained doorways on either side, which was always filled with the noise of children and domestic activity. The warped steps of the stairway at the far end eventually lead to the top floor where the solid oak door to Mammot's abode was a third of the way down the hall. He had a massive desk in his room and opposite the entrance was a shuttered window. Outside his window was a squalid overgrown garden with a lone tree.[1]

Mammot had a familiar, a Bhoka'rala called Moby.[1][5]

The scholar showed a sardonic reserve for the pretence so rife on Majesty Hill, an attitude which had seeped into his nephew over the years.[6]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

On his flight from unknown enemies, Crokus attempted to shake off his pursuers by running through his uncle's home. Mammot was at his desk, busily writing and only glanced up briefly as Crokus passed through.[1]

A few days before the Gedderone Fête, the alchemist Baruk asked the priest to find out what he could about the Jaghut Tyrant which was about to be released. Mammot entered a meditative state and managed to spy on the goings-on in the barrow as the Adjunct Lorn and Tool waked the tyrant.[2]

During the course of Lady Simtal's soirée for the Gedderone Fête, he was possessed by the Jaghut Tyrant, Raest. In this form, he killed several party-goers before the Tennes witch, Derudan, attempted to stop him. Her efforts were not sufficient, so Quick Ben stepped in, but even his efforts proved insufficient. A cusser-laden quarrel shot by Hedge managed to stop the possessed priest, but only temporarily. Finally, the newly born Azath house managed to ensnare Raest / Mammot with its roots and drag him underground, finishing him off.

Notes and referencesEdit

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