Map Northwest Genabackis

Northwest Genabackis

The city of Malyntaeas was situated on the western shore of the Malyn Sea in northwest Genabackis. The journey to Malyntaeas from Tanys took four days and three nights across the Malyn Sea.[1]

Malyntaeas was founded by three very different tribes: the Nathii, Genabarii, and Korhivi and so was said to have the appearance of having been three separate cities at one time.[2]

"Three enormous stone fortifications commanded three distinct rises in the land, the centre one set back further from the shoreline than the other two. Each possessed its own peculiar style of architecture. The keep to the left was squat, robust and unimaginative, built of a golden, almost orange limestone that looked marred and stained in the sunlight. The centre fortification, hazy through the woodsmoke rising from the maze of streets and houses filling the lower tiers between the hills, appeared older, more decrepit, and had been painted - walls, domes and towers - in a faded red wash. The fortification on the right was built on the very edge of the coastal cliff, the sea below roiling amidst tumbled rocks and boulders, the cliff itself rotted, pock-marked and battle-scarred."
―Description of Malyntaeas from Chapter 2, HoC[src]

The sloped walls of the third keep had deep cracks radiating out from the damaged sections and one of its square towers was leaning dangerously outward. A row of pennants could be seen beyond the wall. Every available space on the slopes and flat land around each of the three keeps was crowded by buildings, in style similar to their respective keep. The borders between the three different parts of the city were marked by wide street which wound inland.[3]

The golden keep had once belonged to the Nathii, the red keep to the Genabarii, and the ruined keep to the Korhivi.[4]

Only the presence of the Malazan Fist serving as overlord and three companies from the Ashok Regiment kept the three racial factions from each other's throats.[5]

The port possessed at least one broad stone pier and the city's bay was crowded with the boats of fishermen and traders.[6]

In House of ChainsEdit

Karsa Orlong and Torvald Nom were transferred by ship from Tanys to Malyntaeas where they picked up six squads of the 2nd Company (Ashok Regiment). From Malyntaeas they continued onwards towards Genabaris.[7]

The Crimson Guard were said to be in the city stirring up the Korhivi at around the time of Karsa and Torvald's ship arriving at Malyntaeas. Malazan patrols had to conducted by two squads at minimum for safety's sake. As two-thirds of the occupying Malazan squads were about to leave with replacements uncertain, the situation in Malyntaeas looked to get very unsettled.[8]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Hurl remembered that Rell had been recruited from where he had lingered in a gaol in Malyntaeas.[9]

In AssailEdit

Malyntaeas accents were amongst those heard by Jute Hernan from the stranded passengers and crew of the graveyard of ships on the north coast of the Sea of Gold.[10]


The city's half-ruined Korhivi keep had been nearly destroyed when the Nathii had made war against the Korhivi. A fleet of Nathii ships had filled the bay, flinging stones against the keep and surrounding walls. The fighting had been so intense that neither side noticed the arrival of Malazan High Fist Dujek Onearm with his three legions from the Malaz 2nd Army, the Bridgeburners, and two High Mages. By day's end, the Nathii fleet had been sunk, the Genabarii royal had been killed in their red castle, and the Korhivi keep had surrendered.[11]

A week before their march on the city of Mott, the Malazan Second and Third Armies landed south of Malyntaeas and two days from the landing, Fiddler was introduced to Moranth munitions.[12]

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