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The Bridgeburners - Sorry, Hedge, Detoran, Fiddler, Quick Ben, WhiskeyJack, Mallet, Antsy, Kalam - Interpretation by Shadaan

Mallet was a healer in the Bridgeburners 9th Squad.[1] He used to lead a healer's cadre in the days of the emperor but was busted down like many of the Bridgeburners.[2] Mallet had the ability to access High Denul. He was described as a heavy man with heavy brows[3] and a round face.[4]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Mallet was one of the card players in Knobb's Inn when Ganoes Paran first encountered the 9th squad.[5] After Sorry attempted to assassinate Paran, Mallet said that a forced healing should have been an impossible, but his Denul skills sufficed because healing from outside forces was already in progress.[4]

In Toll the Hounds Edit

After the siege at Black Coral, Mallet became a regular at a bar in Darujhistan in K'rul's Belfry started by remnants of the 9th and 7th Bridgeburner Squads.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Mallet.

He died fighting in K'rul's Bar in Darjuhistan defending it from a savage attack by the Assassins' Guild.[6]

Up until his death he blamed himself for Whiskeyjack's death, because he allowed the Sergeant to steadfastly refuse to allow him to heal his leg. He felt that somehow he should have been able to convince Whiskeyjack to be healed.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Mallet's ghost appeared along with his fellow Bridgeburners guarding the gates to Hood's realm.

Significant plot details end here.

In Orb Sceptre Throne Edit

He appeared in front of Antsy as Antsy and his group sought to escape the Moon's Spawn. He asked Antsy to go live his life and not look for trouble anymore. He also tried to push away Antsy from trying to join them as guardians of Hood's gates, saying no one ever liked his constant moaning and philosophies on life. In reality, he just wanted Antsy to live and not be eager to join them.[7]


Mallet: "Looks like the parley went off as planned. We haven't been cut down by a sleet of quarrels yet."
Paran: "I too take that as promising."
―Mallet and Ganoes Paran discussing the first meeting of the Malazan renegades with Caladan Brood and the Tiste Andii[src]

"I don’t like being retired. It's like announcing an end to your worth, whatever that worth was, and the longer you go on, the more you realize that that worth wasn't worth anything like you once thought it was, and that just makes it worse."

Notes and referencesEdit

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