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Kindly: "Some advice. The keep is on fire, the black stomach plague is killing the kitchen staff, the rats won’t eat your supper and hearing the circus is in the yard your wife has oiled the hinges on the bedroom door. So I walk in and blister your ear about your scuffy boots. When I leave, what are you thinking about?"
Skanarow: "I’m thinking up inventive ways to kill you, sir."
Kindly: "The sun has cracked the sky, my dears. Time for my constitutional morning walk."
Faradan Sort: "Want a few bodyguards, sir?"
Kindly: "Generous offer, Captain, but I will be fine. Oh, if Raband shows up with Pores any time soon, promote the good captain. Omnipotent Overseer of the Universe should suit. Ladies."
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Gardens of the Moon is the first novel in the Malazan Book of the Fallen epic fantasy series. It was written by Steven Erikson in 1992–1993 and first released on April 1, 1999 in Great Britain and Canada. It was later released in the United States on December 28, 2004, and has been re-released in multiple editions and in many countries.

Like all of Erikson's Malazan books it has multiple layered storylines that usually weave together. At the lower level is an eclectic group of Darujhistanies who are just trying to solve their own problems. Then there is the expansionist Malazan Empire whose armies and their allies the Moranth are trying to conquer the last remaining Free Cities of Genabackis; Pale and Darujhistan. Pale falls quickly to a massive sorcerous enfilade, but at the cost of many of Empire's best. The Malazans then turn to Darujhistan which proves much harder to take. At a higher level there is a power-struggle in the top ranks of the Empire as the Empress tries to consolidate her reign. Above that still; the Gods and Ascendants with their own machinations.

The book features a large cast of characters. Major focus characters on the Imperial 'side' are: Ganoes Paran, a young nobleman turned army officer; Whiskeyjack and his elite soldiers the Bridgeburners; Tattersail, a military sorceress and divinator and Adjunct Lorn, the Empress's personal agent. Opposite them are those of Darujhistan: Kruppe, Crokus and the rest of the Phoenix Inn Regulars and Baruk, the High Alchemist with the other members of the T'orrud Cabal. Meanwhile Anomander Rake in his floating mountain fortress: Moon's Spawn; Shadowthrone, the possibly insane ruler of Warren of Shadow and Oponn, the Twin Jesters of Chance are the major featuring Ascendants who each have their own motives.


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