The 2nd Army formed part of what was known as Onearm's Host. This was the first Malazan Army introduced in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Initially under the command of Whiskeyjack, but after his demotion, under the command of High Fist Dujek Onearm, they were the primary force at the Siege of Pale in the Genabackis Campaign. Tattersail commanded the mage cadre of the unit. Most of the members were recruited from the Seven Cities subcontinent.[1]

Captain Paran thought that the old Seven Cities gesture of spitting had become the symbol of the Malaz 2nd Army.[2]

The trading of favours was widespread in the 2nd and one of the reasons it had become a legion of legend.[3] The phrase "always an even trade" was something of a slogan of the second and used by soldiers and officers alike.[4]

At the time of the last battle of Pale, there were still some veterans in the 2nd who had fought with Dassem Ultor in Seven Cities and even as far back as Falar.[5]

History Edit

The 2nd was formed during the time of Emperor Kellanved and was the oldest intact force until the Siege of Pale.[6] Given that Whiskeyjack commanded the 2nd under the emperor it is fairly certain that the Bridgeburners formed a key contingent of the army. Moreover, it is likely that the 2nd was involved in the Bridgeburners formative campaign in the Raraku desert.

In the eighth year of the Genabackis Campaign, the Free Cities allied themselves with the Crimson Guard and others. According to the historian Imrygyn Tallobant, in that year the Malazan Forces under the command of High Fist Dujek Onearm consisted of the 2nd, 5th and 6th Armies, as well as legions of Moranth.[7] However, according to Fiddler, the 3rd Army was also present during the Genabackis campaign.[8]

"Onearm's Host, in that time, was perhaps the finest army the Malazan Empire had yet to produce, even given the decimation of the Bridgeburners at the Siege of Pale. Drawn from disparate regiments that included companies from Seven Cities, Falar, and Malaz Island, these 10,000 soldiers were, by roll, 4,912 women, the remaining men; 1,267 under the recorded age of twenty-five years, 721 over the age of thirty-five years; the remaining in between.
Remarkable indeed. More so when one considers this: among its soldiers could be found veterans of the Wickan Wars (see Coltaine's Rebellion), the Aren Uprising (on both sides), and Blackdog Forest and Mott Wood.
How does one measure such an army? By their deeds; and that which awaited them in the Pannion Domin would make of Onearm's Host a legend carved in stone.
―East of Saltoan, a History of the Pannion Wars
Gouridd Palah[src]

The Siege of Pale, decimated the 2nd army and it was officially disbanded, the remnants assimilated into the 5th together with those of the 6th Army.[9] For a continued description of Onearm's Host and its campaigns, see the 5th Army.

Members Edit

The Bridgeburners Edit

9th Squad Edit

By 1163 BS, the squad had gone through four captains in three years.[10]

7th Squad Edit

Others Edit

Seventh Regiment Edit

  • Rusty, Sergeant of the 3rd Squad, 7th Regiment[11]

Third Company Edit

Eleventh CompanyEdit


During the Siege of Pale, the Malazan forces were camped on the hillsides overlooking the plains outside the city. Rows of grey canvas tents had pathways between them and regimental standards were blowing in the wind. Braziers filled with burning horse dung would keep soldiers on watch warm.[13]

Meetings were held in the command tent, entered through a flap, which was sub-divided into compartments. The first compartment was lit by lanterns, casting a dim, smokey light over a collection of about a dozen wooden chairs. On one side, a camp-table would hold a tin pitcher of watered wine as well as a number of tarnished cups. An opening led into the second compartment which contained Dujek's map table.[14] Some of the marines used pikes.[15]

Notes and referencesEdit

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