Lurgman Parsell, better known as Twisty, much to his dismay, was a Genabackan Free City mage in the Crimson Guard. He was recruited as part of the Second Induction after the Malazan invasion of Cat. His magical talent involved healing, and in Cat he had been known as a Bone Mage.[1] He was considered the best healer in the Second Company.[2]

He was cynical regarding the nature of gods. He thought them merely "beings who have more power than others -- nothing more."[3]

He was pale and skinny.[4]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Twisty was instrumental in securing one of the ships the Guard stole from Kurzan to leave Bael. He provided magical protection for Kyle and identified targets for the archer to hit when the Kurzans tried to retake the ship. When a Kurzan mage summoned a demon on deck, Lurgman seemingly destroyed it before it could fully engage Kyle. He provided Kyle with a small ball that when tossed onto the attacking vessel killed its crew.[5]

With the end of the Diaspora, Twisty's company returned to Stratem. There, he was part of a squad sent to reconnoiter the Guard's assembly point at Fortress Haven in anticipation of Lieutenant Skinner's arrival.[6]

During the Battle of the Plains against the Malazans at Li Heng, Twisty and Shell used their magic to scour the Malazan lines together. After Commander Shimmer was attacked by two Hands of the Claw, the two mages used their healing skills to bring her back from the edge of death.[7]

Notes and referencesEdit

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