Limp was a Malazan soldier in the 5th squad,[1] 2nd Company of the Ashok Regiment.

According to the armourer Tak, Limp gained his nickname after being stamped by a horse during training under Master Sergeant Braven Tooth.[2] He injured his leg multiple times throughout the series.

In House of ChainsEdit

Limp was stationed with the Ashok Regiment under Captain Kindly in Silver Lake on Genabackis. He, Sergeant Cord, and others in their squad were under house arrest for drunkeness when Karsa Orlong attacked their garrison. The mage, Ebron, armed Limp and the other squad members and they were able to capture the rampaging Teblor. During the attack, Karsa managed to shatter the knee of Limp's bad leg with his bloodsword.[3]

The Ashok Regiment returned to Seven Cities in time to be caught up in the Whirlwind rebellion. Fifty-one soldiers of the 2nd Company barricaded themselves inside the cliffside fortress B'ridys where they were besieged by the renegade Irriz and over 500 rebels. During the siege, Limp broke his leg in a rock-slide, but mended fast.[4]

Kalam Mekhar broke the siege and suggested the regiment join Adjunct Tavore Paran's Malaz 14th Army, which was marching toward Raraku. In the aftermath of the Battle of Raraku, the regiment's 16 survivors ambushed and slew the sorceress, Fayelle, and a small band of Dogslayers. Limp hurt his knee in the engagement and had to be helped onto his horse by Bell as they fled the onrushing waters that flooded Raraku.[5]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Limp was later incorporated into the 7th Squad, 8th Legion, 9th Company of the Bonehunters under Sergeant Cord.[6]

True to his name, Limp injured his leg during the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan when it got trapped under a sliding piece of stonework.[7] He was one of the group of soldiers who eventually escaped by tunneling their way out of the city.[8]

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