Map Letheras

Central Letheras

Letheras was the capital city of the Empire of Lether. It was the site of the Imperial Palace and was crisscrossed by canals.

History Edit

According to Janath Anar, the Engineer Keden Qan discovered that the site of the city of Letheras had actually been used as a site for a city before, one that pre-dated even the Jaghut and the Azath House present there.[1]

"Now, what were the details of this unknown complex? Well, for one, it was self-contained, walled, entirely covered by multilevel roofing – even the plazas, alleys and streets. As a fortress, it was virtually impregnable. Beneath the intricately paved floors and streets, there was a second even more defensible city, the corridors and tunnels of which can now be found as an integral part of our sewer outflow.

In short, Letheras, the colony of the First Empire, was founded upon the ruins of an earlier city, one whose layout seemed to disregard the presence of the Jaghut towers and the Azath, suggesting that it pre-dates both.

―Janath Anar, on Keden Qan's discoveries[src]

Icarium visited the city in ancient times and constructed a mysterious device beneath it.

Letheras may have been build on the site of the ancient Jaghut capital of Omtose Phellack. The Seregahl who were released from the dying Azath House in Letheras in Midnight Tides, were imprisoned there when Hood challenged them to prove their worth as the vanguard of the army which was assembling to march on Death itself. In exchange, the Azath House released Gethol, brother of Gothos.[2]

Districts Edit

  • Creeper District
  • Down Markets
  • Drownings District
  • Far Reaches District
  • North Tiers District
  • Peaks District
  • South Tiers District
  • Up Markets

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Known Canals Edit

  • Creeper Canal
  • The Great Drain
  • Main Canal
  • Narrow Canal[3]
  • Quillas Canal
  • Sludge Canal

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